This is for those who are either brand new to Pilates OR clients who are simply new to our studio!

To begin, call to set up your  free exploration if you want to casually check us out.  Next we require at least 1 private session, but recommend 3 privates before entering a group equipment class.

The best way to start your Pilates practice, hands down, is by taking private lessons.  Talk to any current student and they’ll tell you the same.  This is the perfect way to see what Pilates is all about, share your goals with us, and allow us to help you come up with the best plan to achieve them.  As instructors, it is extremely important to us that you are able to start out this way, so we’ve made it easy and affordable for you:  THREE PRIVATE LESSONS for $157 – THAT’S ONE FREE PRIVATE!!!  This is for new students only, so please take advantage of it while you can! 

 After your initial 1-3 private sessions or five non-equipment  you may elect to join a group equipment class, continue with private sessions or design a program combining both. Your instructor can help you find the class best suited for you and assist in designing an appropriate program based on your fitness goals, fitness level and budget.

Pricing for NEW Clients

(available for one-time purchase by new clients only)

3 Privates for $157!​​​​


1st time clients only

*One month to use