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Pilates for Riders

"Your movement off the horse, reflects your movement on the horse. A Rider who is balanced, flexible and strong will transfer these qualities to their horse."

Michelle, PMA Certified Pilates Instructor, EQUESTRIAN PILATES® Certified Instructor & avid horse lover, rider & handler, introduces EQUESTRIAN PILATES® to our area, a new Pilates regime for Equestrian Riders.

How many Riders strive for a deeper seat, more strength in the lower limb to guide their horse into position, flexibility to move with the horse and core control to maintain correct posture. We as riders focus all our attention on our horses and how they move, but what if how we move reflects in how they move?

First and foremost, we as riders need to realize that if we are balanced, flexible and strong then we are going to be better able to enhance these same qualities in our horse.  Therefore, if we learn to use our bodies effectively while off the horse then we are more likely to use our bodies effectively while on the horse.

Pilates relates to a rider’s position in the saddle, Posture, Strength and Control of our movements are indicative of how little we interfere with the movements of the horse. If we learn to be aware of our movements while on the ground, we can then learn to be aware of them while we are in the saddle. Pilates exercises can be developed specifically for each rider with a focus on inner thigh strength, balance, core strength, hamstring/calf flexibility, quads strength, pelvic stability and head, neck and shoulder organization.

It is essential to obtain supervised sessions from a qualified Pilates Instructor to ensure that you are prescribed exercises which are going to complement your body, considering any injuries, past or present which may be limiting your movement, any health conditions to be wary of and to discover exactly where you and your horse’s weaknesses lie. From here the correct exercises will be prescribed to help you on your way to a suppler and more responsive mount and a happier, healthier and stronger you.

In Studio/At Barn Off- the Horse Evaluations

This time if for

½ Day Basic EQUESTRIAN PILATES® Off-the Horse Clinics


Half day EQUESTRIAN PILATES® clinics provide a stretching, at-home and in-the-barn program for riders.  Clients see dramatic improvements in their riding skills, health and enjoyment.  Common comments include the rider being able to sit the trot better, improved use of the aids, relief from lower back pain and much more. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced clinics available


EQUESTRIAN PILATES® On-the-Horse Evaluations

(Taught at the ½ day clinic)


Private On-the-Horse Evaluations teach the client how to apply the fundamentals of EQUESTRIAN PILATES® to improve their ride.  Each rider is individually assessed on and off the horse.  This a 45-minute private session dealing with particular problems including low back pain, difficulties sitting the trot, a weak seat, and more.  Each person is given more detailed information regarding their own particular issues and Pilates exercises that can help them.  Each person must supply their own horse and have participated in the EQUESTRIAN PILATES® (Off the Horse) Clinic.



Online Pilates for Riders Classes coming soon!!

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